Panel TV is distinguished from its experience managing and implementing Turn-Key Digital Dynamic Communication projects.
Panel TV exclusively develops digital signage applications since 2004 and proves to be your reliable partner that provides IN-HOUSE experts for every single task required to complete your project.
Such projects are assigned by organizations, advertisement firms or digital media commercial exploitation agencies. Panel TV closely works with the customer to set specifications for the communication strategy and the digital content program and subsequently suggests technology that best fits the needs. Finally, Panel TV provides and installs the technology components while undertakes the Project Management tasks. Panel TV on behalf of the customer can effectively manage and support the media, create and continuously adapt content and enrich it with attractive media.
The media owner significantly reduces the development and operation risk, while at the same time operates the media on a predefined operational cost avoiding hidden costs and unexpected overheads.

Alpha Bank assigned Panel TV the design, development, support and operation of a Dynamic Digital Content Program running on a screen network in bank branches all over Greece.
Panel TV operates and daily updates the media. Panel TV also produces and adapts the communication schedule based on the bank marketing strategy. The media operates for the last 5 years and gets excellent testimonials by bank customers and management.
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