OPAP Flagship Store – Audio Signage

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10 December 2018
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13 February 2019
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OPAP Flagship Store – Audio Signage

The client

OPAP is the leading gaming company in Greece. Its games are provided through more than 4,000 agencies, which represent the widest network of points of sale in Greece.

The scope of the project

OPAP was looking for a reliable and complete Audio Signage solution for its agencies that would ensure:

- copyrighted enjoyable music throughout the agency
- ability to centrally plan the playback of jingles in selected sound zones
- scalability in a potentially expanding OPAP agency network

Panel TV was invited to study the audio communication needs of the agency and to suggest solutions that improve the visitor's experience and increase participation in games.

The main objectives were the pleasant ambiance, good messaging on site and centralized music and messaging management (remotely).

The music playlist is customized according to the season (Christmas, celebrations etc.), while the messages follow specific rules so as not to disturb but to motivate and inform customers.

Equipment must be simple to install, reliable for continuous operation and allows remote support (status control, central upgrades, etc.).

Panel TV solution

Panel TV took into account the customer requirements alongside the agency’s special features and compiled a comprehensive solution that could be easily implemented by any agency that has a standard Internet connection.

The first installation took place at the OPAP Pilot Central Agency located at Athens Avenue.

The size of the agency allowed the formation of sound bands to target visitors and messages. Professional Audio Signage Players operated in every audio area controlled by a modern cloud platform.

In a selected area of the store, directional speakers (Sound Shower) were used for focused reproduction of jingles.

The benefits

The new audio experience is complemented by a centrally managed in-store audio communication facility. The creative and effective collaboration between OPAP specialists and Panel TV has produced results.

Subsequently OPAP owns:

- a complete in-store audio signage solution in which Panel TV is responsible for operation and support
- Legal Copyrighted Music updated on a weekly basis
- Access to a modern cloud platform that provides cutting-edge reporting mechanisms, role-based user access, scheduling, proof-of-play commercial jingles, etc.
- a reliable in-store technical solution that is not computer-based but uses professional IP audio signage players for security, reliability, future proof features and smart networking mechanisms to meet almost any need for store interconnection
- Panel TV stands as a dedicated partner who can support, improve or extend the project and lead it to the next level.
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