To develop a digital signage media delivered via multiple view points (“content channels”) and differentiates according to its target group requires careful design. Media design aims to define the communications profile for each “channel” to effectively contact and attract your audience.
Successful design is critical to achieve effective communication, suitable content selection and in-budget implementation.

15 February 2016
one stop shop «turn-key» projects
Panel TV is distinguished from its experience managing and implementing Turn-Key Digital Dynamic Communication projects. Panel TV exclusively develops digital signage applications since 2004 and proves to be your reliable partner that provides IN-HOUSE experts for every single task required to complete your project.
15 February 2016
Impact Studies in Media Design Effectiveness
Panel TV offers the opportunity to large scale customers to perform an initial or debriefing research designed to evaluate the media effectiveness at each touchpoint.
15 February 2016
Design, Development & Configuration of screen & sound networks
We record and analyze requirements related to the intended audience, "owners" and "tenants" of each media.