12 June 2019

Classroom Recording Equipment

In the era of video lectures and interactive experiences, video recording equipment has become an essential tool for the modern educator. Click to learn more...
15 February 2016

Barix IP Audio devices

Panel TV is marketing and supporting the well known BARIX AUDIO products.
15 February 2016
Onelan TV streaming & recording products
The devices "TV Streaming & Recording" of Onelan are intelligent solutions for transmitting TV channels or live video through network and / or screens and computers. They also provide the ability to record-store TV programs and videos for later archiving and on-line recovery.
15 February 2016

Zeevee Head End & DVB-T appliances

ZeeVee series can convert any format of digital or analog source, like image, audio, video, to digital channels and enable the transmission to an unlimited number of screens connected in a single television network.