In a today’s supermarket’s world, the shopping experience along with the price-value perception of goods, is of vital importance for repetitive visits and basket growth.
Since in-shop-communication is responsible for a major part of the above, Panel TV is proposing the digital framework to tackle these needs.
Our long experience in digital in-shop-communication along with our expertise in technology selection and use, can help you built in-shop successful modern media.
Further to the above, our on-stop-shop capabilities from communication design to technology applications and in-house content production, allows our customers to rely on a credible partner such as Panel TV.

15 February 2016

On the shelf campaigns

Using latest technology we can run campaigns on the supermarket shelf. Campaigns may be used to promote established brands and be part of large campaigns (product launch, package changes, bundles, etc.) or local promotions (offers, own label promotions, stock replenishment, etc.).
15 February 2016

Digital Merchandising Screen Network

Just a screen or two is not enough. With the expertise of Panel TV, you can built your own digital merchandising in-store media.
15 February 2016

Audio Message Networks

In a supermarket store with plenty of visual static messages "attacking" the client, professional digital audio messaging can pop up from the "noisy" environment and effectively communicate discount policies, bundles, new offerings and any special fresh messages that may affect purchasing behavior and last minute decisions.
15 February 2016
Holistic Approach to the Human Experience
Installing some screens to playback offerings or speakers to broadcast messages, is just the final step in the process of creating a dynamic digital communication media stream.
15 February 2016

In-store Active Hot-Spots

You can create active hot spots in front of specific shelves, aisles or other service points into the store. Panphonics narrow beam Sound Showers and Panel TV smart message broadcast system can make all these a reality.