PanelTV offers effective solutions to promote communication from within your shop or shopping window.
Special offers, bundles, loyalty programs, below-the-line campaigns, useful information or any other service may be dynamically promoted via PanelTV technology. PanelTV realizes the competitive advantages of your business and creates custom designed solutions for your special needs.
Our proposition not only produces a common feasibility study dealing with the screen installation plan and on-line or off-line digital content streaming. PanelTV mainly creates “communication management systems” as well as role allocation and roll out operation plans.
Our extensive experience with customer communication at the Point-Of-Sale ensures that we produce digital content targeted to any target group and shop size.
Request a meeting with one of our experts to investigate and assess numerous possibilities for dynamic communication with your customers.

15 February 2016

Interactive Touch Foils

Interactive Touch Foils transform any glass window into a touch screen, making it your store window an interactive advertising panel. The touch foil comes with a Rear Projection Film and laminated to the surface.
15 February 2016

On the shelf Touch Screens

By placing small touch screens on the shelf next to the product itself, we intend to involve the customers to a kind of a "game", requesting them to answer some guided questions. Their answers declare their needs and highlight equivalent values and particular properties of the product.
15 February 2016

On-line Promotional Screens

An in-shop promotional campaign is a rather complicated process. It requires personnel and updated promotional material. Besides the outcome is assessed against the successful campaign "promotion".
15 February 2016

Send Sound Messages via your Retail Radio

Panel TV offers technology to easily play your own voice advertisements or informational messages during the music play list you broadcast in your shop.