8 September 2016
Exhibit virtual presentation
A museum collection may be accompanied with video and photos. Small touch screens below the item will playback combined media to offer a complete presentation experience.
15 February 2016
Museum Virtual Tour using Touch Screens
At the museum entrance or in selected spots of its halls, visitors may experience a virtual tour to all the museum collections and get relevant information about the exhibits, watching images, videos and text descriptions.
15 February 2016

Museum tv

Στους χώρους υποδοχής του μουσείου ή στις επιμέρους εισόδους κάθε τμήματός του, θεματικά οργανωμένες οθόνες προβάλλουν ελκυστικό ψηφιακό υλικό που αφορά τις εκθέσεις που φιλοξενούνται,
15 February 2016
Central Control of Voice Tours and Messages
You can launch an automated voice narration related to an item or a thematic place in the museum.
15 February 2016
Small Touch Screens
Suppose you showcase traditional music instrument in a large hall. A visitor can browse photos of instrument variations, watch videos of musicians playing it, listen to the sound it produces and get information about its history - right through a small touch screen placed next to the item.
15 February 2016
Sound Shower
Target sounds and voice messages exactly to the spot you want... without disturbing. Visitors in front or beneath a special speaker may listen to a short narration about the area he enters or a presentation about an exhibit.
15 February 2016

Infokiosk “museum”

Infokiosks are integrated and attractive units that have a built-in computer and a touch screen.
They can be installed in any place you like to achieve your expected results.