Educational methods and practices are continually adapting to new communication trends, technology enhancements and transformation needs.

Panel TV, a digital communication experts with hands-on experience, is proposing a selected set of technological & content tools that can significantly improve the everyday life of educators & students, or trainer’s % trainees and lead to better results.

13 March 2017

Classroom Interactive Smartboard

In Panel TV, we look for simplicity, interoperability and value for money. It seems that the same principles apply for educators, students, trainees and all people involved in this profession.
6 March 2017

Secure E-Learning Video Platform

Looks like YouTube, but it’s your Own Video Library Platform! A comprehensive solution with educational tools, live streaming and on demand capabilities
15 February 2016

School “TV Channel”

What about a school TV channel! You may call it my school’s Panel TV and watch it across big screens all around the school.
15 February 2016
School Info Points – interactive Kiosks
When students want to get on-line, why not to help them out and participate in the new media networking world!