With a Panel TV digital menu board, your customer can tell the difference.
Get a modern and stylish everyday tool and pop up from the competition!

15 February 2016
Detailed Presentation through Interactive Digital Info Points
Make your specialties known, inform your customers about the pure ingredients of your creations as well as their nutrition properties (fat, calories, etc.).
15 February 2016

On-line Digital Menu Board

Η Panel TV σας προτείνει ένα σύγχρονο τρόπο παρουσίασης του καταλόγου ή του τιμοκαταλόγου σας μέσα στο Κατάστημα ή στην βιτρίνα του.
15 February 2016

Bakery/Coffeeshop Promo Screens

Boost your sales! Upgrade your shop. Appeal new customers, induce them to taste your delights and increase consumption with promo and informative screens at hot spots inside your bakery and on your shop window.