In most medium to large companies, efficient corporate communications continuously explore intuitive ways to “pass the message” at the right time to the right employees.
Emails can be easily disregarded, while paper could only cover few universal messages.
With Panel TV, things are getting more under control and right out of the Box!
Pick the section, building or the required shift to “publish” the appropriate Digital Signage Message!

20 October 2017

Panopto: The Leading Video Platform For Business And Education

Looks like YouTube, but it’s your Own Video Library Platform! A comprehensive solution with educational tools, live streaming and on demand capabilities
18 October 2017

Meeting Room Signage Booking System

Take control of your meeting spaces with Reserva Room Signage. Avoid the confusion and frustration caused by double bookings and reduce waste caused by under utilized meeting spaces. Reserva can be installed as a standalone room signage platform as par
15 February 2016

Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

Panel TV "translates" your corporate message for the new media, then delivers the message to the right screens, targets the right people and, when the time comes, gets your message dropped since it is no longer valid.
15 February 2016

Training and Corporate Communications

While the skills and the product knowledge are part of a normal training program, corporate communications try to encourage the inter-company relations and manage beliefs.