7 February 2018

Multi-Touch Gaming Table (Kids Safe)

A world of fun at your fingertips! Highlight your brand with a wide range of entertaining and engaging interactive games. Keep children happy and entertained.
20 October 2017

Panopto: The Leading Video Platform For Business And Education

Looks like YouTube, but it’s your Own Video Library Platform! A comprehensive solution with educational tools, live streaming and on demand capabilities
18 October 2017

Meeting Room Signage Booking System

Take control of your meeting spaces with Reserva Room Signage. Avoid the confusion and frustration caused by double bookings and reduce waste caused by under utilized meeting spaces. Reserva can be installed as a standalone room signage platform as par
13 March 2017

Classroom Interactive Smartboard

In Panel TV, we look for simplicity, interoperability and value for money. It seems that the same principles apply for educators, students, trainees and all people involved in this profession.
6 March 2017

Secure E-Learning Video Platform

Looks like YouTube, but it’s your Own Video Library Platform! A comprehensive solution with educational tools, live streaming and on demand capabilities
8 September 2016
Exhibit virtual presentation
A museum collection may be accompanied with video and photos. Small touch screens below the item will playback combined media to offer a complete presentation experience.
15 February 2016

Interactive Touch Foils

Interactive Touch Foils transform any glass window into a touch screen, making it your store window an interactive advertising panel. The touch foil comes with a Rear Projection Film and laminated to the surface.
15 February 2016

On the shelf Touch Screens

By placing small touch screens on the shelf next to the product itself, we intend to involve the customers to a kind of a "game", requesting them to answer some guided questions. Their answers declare their needs and highlight equivalent values and particular properties of the product.
15 February 2016

Arts & Culture

Artwork (like paintings or photography) may decorate your halls using screens mounted on the wall as if they were frames of the originals.
15 February 2016

Reception and Information Welcome Screens

First impression is rather crucial. Using Panel TV technologies you welcome your customers in a very special and friendly atmosphere. It takes only a few minutes to showcase services your provide, guide them in the store and give information about events or offers of their interest.
15 February 2016

Infokiosk “touch”

Infokiosks are integrated and attractive units that have a built-in computer and a touch screen. They can be installed in any place you like to achieve your expected results.
15 February 2016

“myhotel tv” Channel

Every single room may choose an additional TV channel, the "hotel channel".
15 February 2016
Sound and Voice Messages per Place
Every individual place in the hotel may be assigned an individual music "theme", applying its style and charm. The hotel can create as many music channels as desired to choose from, depending on the time of day or a special event.
15 February 2016

Travel Agencies

A travel agency uses its windows or lobby posters to promote holiday packages, excursions, seasonal offers, routes and car rental options.
15 February 2016
Museum Virtual Tour using Touch Screens
At the museum entrance or in selected spots of its halls, visitors may experience a virtual tour to all the museum collections and get relevant information about the exhibits, watching images, videos and text descriptions.
15 February 2016

Museum tv

Στους χώρους υποδοχής του μουσείου ή στις επιμέρους εισόδους κάθε τμήματός του, θεματικά οργανωμένες οθόνες προβάλλουν ελκυστικό ψηφιακό υλικό που αφορά τις εκθέσεις που φιλοξενούνται,
15 February 2016
Central Control of Voice Tours and Messages
You can launch an automated voice narration related to an item or a thematic place in the museum.
15 February 2016
Small Touch Screens
Suppose you showcase traditional music instrument in a large hall. A visitor can browse photos of instrument variations, watch videos of musicians playing it, listen to the sound it produces and get information about its history - right through a small touch screen placed next to the item.
15 February 2016
Sound Shower
Target sounds and voice messages exactly to the spot you want... without disturbing. Visitors in front or beneath a special speaker may listen to a short narration about the area he enters or a presentation about an exhibit.
15 February 2016

Infokiosk “museum”

Infokiosks are integrated and attractive units that have a built-in computer and a touch screen.
They can be installed in any place you like to achieve your expected results.
15 February 2016


While your customers watch the match or their favorite TV broadcast, at the same time they watch and get information about everything you want to promote. And when there is nothing of interest to watch on the TV, you can broadcast your own videos, photos or advertisements, even internet content, news feeds, etc.
15 February 2016


Impel your customers to taste your creations... show your variety of plummy cakes!
15 February 2016

Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

Panel TV "translates" your corporate message for the new media, then delivers the message to the right screens, targets the right people and, when the time comes, gets your message dropped since it is no longer valid.
15 February 2016

Training and Corporate Communications

While the skills and the product knowledge are part of a normal training program, corporate communications try to encourage the inter-company relations and manage beliefs.
15 February 2016
Detailed Presentation through Interactive Digital Info Points
Make your specialties known, inform your customers about the pure ingredients of your creations as well as their nutrition properties (fat, calories, etc.).
15 February 2016

On-line Digital Menu Board

Η Panel TV σας προτείνει ένα σύγχρονο τρόπο παρουσίασης του καταλόγου ή του τιμοκαταλόγου σας μέσα στο Κατάστημα ή στην βιτρίνα του.
15 February 2016

Bakery/Coffeeshop Promo Screens

Boost your sales! Upgrade your shop. Appeal new customers, induce them to taste your delights and increase consumption with promo and informative screens at hot spots inside your bakery and on your shop window.
15 February 2016

School “TV Channel”

What about a school TV channel! You may call it my school’s Panel TV and watch it across big screens all around the school.
15 February 2016
School Info Points – interactive Kiosks
When students want to get on-line, why not to help them out and participate in the new media networking world!
15 February 2016

On-line Promotional Screens

An in-shop promotional campaign is a rather complicated process. It requires personnel and updated promotional material. Besides the outcome is assessed against the successful campaign "promotion".
15 February 2016

Send Sound Messages via your Retail Radio

Panel TV offers technology to easily play your own voice advertisements or informational messages during the music play list you broadcast in your shop.
15 February 2016

On the shelf campaigns

Using latest technology we can run campaigns on the supermarket shelf. Campaigns may be used to promote established brands and be part of large campaigns (product launch, package changes, bundles, etc.) or local promotions (offers, own label promotions, stock replenishment, etc.).
15 February 2016

Digital Merchandising Screen Network

Just a screen or two is not enough. With the expertise of Panel TV, you can built your own digital merchandising in-store media.
15 February 2016

Audio Message Networks

In a supermarket store with plenty of visual static messages "attacking" the client, professional digital audio messaging can pop up from the "noisy" environment and effectively communicate discount policies, bundles, new offerings and any special fresh messages that may affect purchasing behavior and last minute decisions.
15 February 2016
Holistic Approach to the Human Experience
Installing some screens to playback offerings or speakers to broadcast messages, is just the final step in the process of creating a dynamic digital communication media stream.
15 February 2016

In-store Active Hot-Spots

You can create active hot spots in front of specific shelves, aisles or other service points into the store. Panphonics narrow beam Sound Showers and Panel TV smart message broadcast system can make all these a reality.
15 February 2016

Digital Gym Screens

At Panel TV you will find the answers for a fresh and aesthetic Fitness Center. Take advantage of technologically advanced communication methods to promote your services and grow your profits.