Using latest technology we can run campaigns on the supermarket shelf. Campaigns may be used to promote established brands and be part of large campaigns (product launch, package changes, bundles, etc.) or local promotions (offers, own label promotions, stock replenishment, etc.).
Moving images, video, sound and customer interaction attract the potential customer to choose to buy or try the product.
Communication turns to be personalized and instant. The "moment" is created in front of the shelf, as the customer approaches.
The visual, sound or combined message is "consumed" right on the spot.
Panel TV knows well techniques and methods to create campaigns and suggest methods, adaptations and technology to achieve the best expected result.
It is absolutely necessary to work with the supermarket and the brand to declare the campaign targets, the media adaptation to the desirable customer experience, the corresponding technology selection and the best application of all the above.
It is obvious that many factors may be coordinated to fulfill the desired outcome. Panel TV can effectively coordinate your partners to avoid delays and mistakes in the campaign development ad application.
Significant role plays the message that is used at each circumstance. Taking in account that it is not TV, radio or printed advertisement (poster, leaflet, etc.), Panel TV ensures correct design and necessary message adaptations.
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