Send Sound Messages via your Retail Radio
15 February 2016
On the shelf Touch Screens
15 February 2016
Προβολή όλων

On-line Promotional Screens

An in-shop promotional campaign is a rather complicated process. It requires personnel and updated promotional material. Besides the outcome is assessed against the successful campaign "promotion".
Panel TV offers the technology to occasionally select places that your campaign may be targeted and let animations, photos or video to attract your customers attention to it. Now everybody is watching. You just select when and how often your campaign runs and your screens will respond as scheduled.
You can even combine campaigns or distribute them across time and broadcast them to all the screens in your shop or your shop chain. Any change or adaptation to a campaign is an extremely simple process so you can make last minute changes. Using Panel TV campaigns may be instantly updated, dynamic, standardized without hidden costs or unexpected "surprises".
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