Sound and Voice Messages per Place
15 February 2016
Προβολή όλων

Travel Agencies

A travel agency uses its windows or lobby posters to promote holiday packages, excursions, seasonal offers, routes and car rental options.
Panel TV offers a flexible systems based on wide screens that replace posters, stickers or printed leaflets often seen on a travel agency window.
No need to print a leaflet every time a price is changing or create a new poster since all advertising media are displayed on one or more screens. It is quite simple process to update a message using any computer in the office or a remote one, connected to the internet.
Moreover you can create content-rich presentations combining photos and video to produce a more attractive product.
One or more screens (professional LCD high-brightness model), a robust metallic mount and a Panel TV server/player is everything required to playback your marketing material and update content (even by non-expert staff).
Using your laptop or your desktop office computer you may easily upload new content to your Panel TV server (photos, video, text, presentations and any other media type). Next you schedule playback of your new content.

Below you will find Panel TV's Case Studies
The travel agency LANDFLY VIP Services is located on a busy pedestrian street in the heart of Athens. It offers high level travel services and in its luxurious facilities, the clients can plan their holiday vacations and business trips.
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